Declaratium Byzantium Novum

We, the Government and Citizens of Byzantium Novum, declare the founding of Byzantium Novum as a sovereign Nation. We declare ourselves to be a world nation with our own constitution and lawful governance, with all international rights and duties commonly acceded to the status of Nationhood.  

As a sovereign nation Byzantium Novum makes the following claims to world rights and territories: 

We acknowledge ancient lands which constituted the Byzantine Empire to be our cultural and religious homeland, and claim historical rights to all sites and territories which were under the direct control or administration of Constantinople and it's successor states from  324 AD to 1479 AD. 

We acknowledge the restoration of these ancient territories to us is impossible due to modern political and cultural realities. Therefore we limit our active territorial claims to one parcel of land in the amount of 100 or more contiguous acres for the site of a Byzantine Capital, and also whatever smaller satellite properties we may lawfully obtain and maintain for the use of the Byzantine Community in other areas. The exact sites for these lands are to be determined. 

Until such time as we may enjoy world recognition as a full small nation, we shall exist as a "Micronation", holding limited sovereignty within other nations as subject to their laws. We acknowledge our Citizens to hold a secondary "dual citizenship" with the nation of their legal origin or residence, and that their primary duties and loyalties must be to their primary nation of Citizenship.

In order to maintain physical world presence, we acknowledge the right of our Government, Citizens and Community  to gather lawfully and peacefully throughout the world, for the purposes of participating in Byzantine cultural and religious endeavors. At such times we will consider the sovereign Spirit of our state and community to be manifest so long as we are in accord with the national and international laws at the place of our gatherings.  

Citizenship in Byzantium Novum is open to people of all nationalities and races. The express purpose of our nation is to renew Byzantine culture and spirituality, so that the Byzantine traditions of over a thousand years may be preserved in the world.

We, the Citizens and Senate of Byzantium Novum formally and completely renounce and abandon without exception the use of force, rebellion, coercion, or intimidation in the pursuit of our international status and claims. We strive to exist as a lawful, peaceful and benign nation, in accord with the principles acknowledged and shared by the world community.


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